Archangel Information Technologies, LLC (AAIT) is a Small Business Enterprise specializing in providing Enterprise Architecture, Business management and IT consulting services. Founded in 2004 and located within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region, our management team is made up of senior architects, business analysts and IT professionals who are augmented by a worldwide network of associate consultants and teaming partners. 

We work directly with chief enterprise architects, CxOs, IT management, Strategy, Governance and Capital Planning bodies, etc., to help establish or improve the performance of their EA programs. We also work as partners and subcontractors to other companies (technology and service providers) for customer solutions delivery and business development.

Our experience spans all major EA frameworks and methodologies in addition to years of experience in IT consulting and enterprise solutions delivery to both public and private sector clients. AAIT offers assistance and expert advice in all aspects of EA program development and execution including framework, methodology and tool selection; strategy formulation and communication planning; training, mentoring and staff augmentation.  

We are active participants in the growing international EA Community of Interest including participation in organizations like the Open Group, and active membership in ACT-IAC (American Council for Technology – Industry Advisory Council - www.actgov.org) where we have leadership roles in the EA Shared Interest Group (EA SIG). 

For public sector clients (US Federal, DoD, State and local) we provide support for program operations in areas such as data center consolidation, cloud computing and virtualization, segment, solution and federated architecture development (e.g., FSAM, FTF, etc.) as well as in-depth advice and assistance for compliance with government mandates for EA program performance and reporting (i.e., EAAF, EAMMF, A-11, A-130, etc.).

For our commercial clients we offer a variety of services for large and medium sized corporations looking to use EA management solutions to streamline operations, realize efficiencies and cost savings or find competitive advantages in the current economic climate.  Our services are designed to help companies choose the optimal path for addressing business challenges and opportunities such as mergers and acquisitions, outsourcing decisions, management of current technology investments, and leveraging leading edge innovations through expert advice in IT strategy, requirements analysis, and investment planning and from our extensive experience in enterprise-level technical solutions (e.g., ERP, CRM, EAI, SOA, etc.) integration and implementation.

What makes us the right partner?

Uniqueness - We are a small business that offers a distinctive blend of experience, subject matter expertise, methodologies and tools not easily matched by other firms.

Value – Competitive rates and turn-key approach - unlike larger consulting groups, our clients’ investment goes into their solution – not our overhead.

Effectiveness - We are equally adept at understanding the business of our clients as we are at applying technical solutions.  We know how to relate to HR, finance, supply chain, marketing and sales, etc., and have experience across a variety of industry verticals.

Innovation - We are actively involved in the world-wide EA Community of Interest in thought leadership roles enabling us to bring new and value-added concepts to our engagements.

Faster Time to Market – The combination of our consulting “toolkit” containing leading edge tools and methods and a philosophy of “just enough architecture” enable our team to start working on day one towards achieving demonstrable outcomes in the shortest time possible.

Flexibility – We realize that no business can afford to remain static and that the rate of technology innovation is ever increasing; we help our clients remain constantly adaptable and open to new circumstances and opportunities. 

Integrity - We adhere to the highest in ethical standards, it’s the foundation of our company culture and code of conduct.  We provide honest and straight-forward advice, always safeguarding and placing our clients’ best interests ahead of our own.

Results - We focus on using architecture to provide quantifiable value to our clients (Time, money, etc).

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